Long Term Effects of Smoking While Pregnant

By KevinR

The urban society is well conversant with the dangers that come from smoking. It is well in the knowledge of everybody the risks that tobacco brings to every organ in the human body. Smoking has both the long-term effects and short-term effects. Several diseases come from smoking.

The tobacco that makes cigarettes is the only plant that contains nicotine. Nicotine is a very poisonous substance that can quickly kill somebody when you inject directly into their bloodstream. In addition to the tobacco, the smoke contains over 4000 chemicals that mix, forming a sticky substance. While many may thing occasional smoking during pregnancy is helpful, it is not.

image of smoking while pregnant

When the smoke enters the lungs, it sticks to the hair-like substances called cilia. When cilia are completely in cover, it will not function well in the collection of dirt from the air. The results of the germs accumulation are diseases.

The babies are vulnerable to the effects of smoking as their body parts are still developing. Their systems are not very strong to resist the results from the toxic chemicals that they may get when their parents smoke. It is wise, therefore, for pregnant women to altogether quit smoking to avoid long term effects of smoking while pregnant.

Smoking is especially dangerous for women who are pregnant. While pregnancy is a great time to quit smoking, you will find many women relaxing outside in their best front closure sports bras smoking. The tobacco may be due to the stress that they may be experiencing in their life. It is worth noting that smoking is not the best way to solve their problems. Some women think that the risks of quitting smoking while pregnant are more than the effects of tobacco when they not.

They are smoking while pregnant is dangerous to both the mother and the developing baby. There are both the short and long term effects of smoking while pregnant. From studies, 12 to 20 percent of women with pregnancies smoke in the USA. The result is over 1000 babies who die as a result of their mother’s tobacco while they were in the wombs. It is hard for the mothers to quit smoking during the pregnancy, but it is worth the sacrifice considering the danger they are putting the young ones in when the smoke.

During smoking, you inhale poisonous substances such as nicotine, carbon monoxide, lead, and arsenic. The tissues that connect you and your baby in the placenta absorb the toxic substances, and so does your baby. Your baby will not get a proper supply of nutrients; thus, it will be born with low weight. The infants are likely to die since they are very fragile and are not healthy. Besides, second-hand smoking can also be dangerous as it is the same as smoking. If you are expectant and you are around a smoker, you are at risk of inhaling the poisonous chemicals.

Short Term Effects During Smoking Pregnancy

While pregnant, the wisest thing to do is to quit smoking altogether. Smoking has one of the most devastating effects on babies, as you share a lot while pregnant. Several short-term effects come from tobacco while you are expectant.

The effects include:

  • Heart disease at birth
  • Alteration in the brains structure hence malfunctioning
  • Low birth weight
  • Restricted growth of the fetal
  • Preterm birth of the baby

Long-Term Effects of Smoking

Apart from the short-term effects of smoking, there are also long term effects of smoking while pregnant. The facts are dangerous, and any woman who is pregnant should entirely run away from tobacco.

image of heart disease

The long-term effects include:

  • The tar is very dangerous to the lungs. It coats the lung’s inner lining, thus leading to throat and lung cancer.
  • The amount of oxygen that supplies to the brain is less due to the presence of carbon monoxide. The result of less oxygen to the brain causes smokers to develop brain damages and may also lead to stroke.
  • Smoking leads to the constriction of the blood vessel, thus leading to an increase in blood pressure. The result may be a heart attack and stroke.
  • The nicotine that is present in tobacco has the highest chances of causing heart diseases as it leads to the hardening of vessels of the blood. It may also lead to several problems associated with the circulation of blood in the human body. Smoking is the cause of diseases, including the lungs, throat, stomach, kidneys, cervix, and bladder cancer.
  • Smoking may lead to the loss of the ability to hear smell or even taste. It may also cause cataracts and muscular degeneration. Cigarette smoking may also result in myeloid leukemia cancer of the bone marrow.
  • It will not be strange to find teeth of that smoking yellowing or to decay. Also, it may lead to asthma.
  • You may also experience a chronic cough that comes with phlegm.
  • Another condition is Emphysema. Emphysema is a condition that causes the loss of the elasticity of the small airways commonly known as bronchioles, thus affecting the normal flow of air in the body.
  • You may also experience high blood pressure that may also lead to heart attack and stroke. The immunity of the body lowers, thus a high rate of infections as the body cannot fully protect itself.
  • Smoking also causes the lowering of the appetite and may result in stomach ulcers.
  • Your skin will start having signs of aging and will have many wrinkles.

Long Term Effects of Smoking While Expectant

If you need to get the best energy to sustain you through your pregnancy, quitting smoking is the best that you should do. While you are pregnant, smoking affects the baby directly. Check on the long-term effects listed below, and you will quit smoking while you are expectant.

image of baby affected by smoking

The list has some long term effects of smoking while pregnant. They include:

  • Smoking while pregnant stunts growth. The growth of your baby will significantly be affected while you smoke while carrying it in the womb. The child will have low weight at birth and will have a lot of health problems that may result in death. The problem is one of the most dangerous long term effects of smoking while pregnant. The reason is that It could last a lifetime in the baby.
  • Smoking also results in undersized babies since the smoke interferes with the supply of oxygen and nutrients to the baby. The baby is thus quickly getting infections such as wheezing and asthma as they are vulnerable. It will also have lung malfunctions during birth. Another factor may be bronchitis, which may come with sudden death infant syndrome (SIDS).
  • While smoking, you may affect your baby. At birth, it may have congenital heart defects as it does not get enough nutrients and oxygen.
  • The baby’s brain development also receives slow down. The children, once born, are likely to suffer from disorders in learning, behavioral problems, and low IQs.
  • Another risk is that it may increase the chances of miscarriages in women who are pregnant. Many women may fear the risks of quitting smoking while pregnant when this is not worse.

Benefits of Quitting Smoking

Smoking is harmful to your health, and that of the baby neither is occasional smoking during pregnancy any helpful. There are several benefits to you quitting smoking. They include

  • Low risks to the baby’s future health problems. Your baby will be safe from smoking-related diseases such as heart infections, cancer, and lung problems. You are sure that you will go home with your baby from the hospital.
  • The baby has higher chances of getting the best supply of oxygen and nutrients; thus, it will grow very healthy.
  • You will get the best energy as you go through pregnancy.
  • It is also costly for buying cigars. Quitting will help you cut on the spending and use the money to take care of the baby.

The process of quitting smoking may be very challenging, but you need to have focus on achieving it. You can begin by changing your habits. The time when you were smoking, you could go for a walk to take away the smoking mood. You may visit a friend and have the best time avoiding a cigarette.

[image of happy friends]

Choose a milkshake to take the place of smoking while you do your reading. The milkshake will have a significant difference when it comes to making your mind away from the smoking plans. You can also visit a health care provider that will help in keeping yours entirely in advice on what to do. They may advise you to have nicotine patches, inhalers, or gum to cut out on the after-smoking effects. Ensure that you keep your hands and mouth busy to avoid thinking about smoking.

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