Are You Finding It Hard To Quit Smoking? These 10 Tips Will Help You Quit Forever!

By KevinR

Even though it’s very difficult to quit smoking, it’s not impossible. Recent research findings reveal that 1.3 million Americans quit smoking every year – forever. This is enough proof that anyone who smokes can quit the habit. You can, too. Successfully.

Are you finding it hard to quit smoking? Have you attempted quitting several times but failed? Don’t worry, you’re not alone. I know you’re much aware of the health risks associated with smoking. I know you want to stop wasting your hard-earned dollars on the habit, but it’s just not easy.

Now, let me help you…

Here I’ll be sharing with you 10 powerful tips that will help you quit smoking — successfully. Are you ready? Then let’s roll.

1. Be optimistic and determined

You’ll develop a very strong determination to quit smoking only if you’re very optimistic. That is, you must believe strongly that you can really quit – forever. (Of course, you can only achieve something when you have a strong belief that you can.)

To help you develop the much needed optimist mindset, read as many as possible stories of ex-smokers who successfully quit. Read such stories from time to time in order to keep your determination at the highest level. Here are links to some stories that will motivate and inspire you:

2. Give yourself very strong reasons why you should quit

Pick a pen and a note, and start thinking of strong reasons why you should quit smoking now. You’ll end up with a long list, I’m sure.

One… smoking shortens your lifespan significantly.

Two… your habit of smoking has been exposing your close ones to health risks (second-hand smoking).

Three… smoking predisposes you to heart attack, hypertension, cancer, stroke, atherosclerosis, infertility, and other fatal conditions.

Four… smoking drains your pocket.

Five… Six… Seven… Eight… And the list goes on.

If the health risks alone aren’t enough to deter you, I’m sure you hate to kill your loved ones with your cigarette puffs. So, why not quit for their sake, at least?

If you think you’re not finding enough reasons why you should quit, check the following pages, and you’ll find tons of strong reasons why you must quit now:

3. Plan well

Having a proper plan in place will go a long way in helping you achieve your dream. Don’t just say to yourself, “I want to quit smoking!” Rather, take a pen and paper, and plan it out.

Would you be rewarding yourself for staying away from smoking after each day, every two days, or every week? What would the reward be? CDs? Novels? A special dinner?

What would you do when the urge to smoke comes back strong? Who would you call if you’re having problems with coping?

Give answers to these questions, print them out, and hang the paper on your wall.

Don’t wait till you have an urge before thinking of what to do. Plan. It helps.

4. Flee from temptation

Most people fail in their attempts to quit smoking because they don’t stay away from all tempting factors. If the mere sight of a smoker doing his thing turns on your urge, stay away from places where you’re likely to see smokers – the club, the bar, etc.

If you have friends or colleagues who smoke, this is the time to start avoiding them. Of course, hanging out with them may be refreshing, but your health is much more important. And if they’ll only help you ruin it by encouraging you to smoke, it’s better you do away with them.

Also, if you still have various “smoking memorabilia” (such as lighters and lighters) in your home and office, discard them immediately. Furthermore, wash your clothes and blinds to rid them of cigarette smell (which, of course, may tempt you to into relapsing).

5. Don’t go solo

Personal determination alone may not be enough to help you quit smoking successfully. Involving others will brighten your chances of success.

Tell your friends and relatives that you’re trying to quit and that they should encourage you. Also, join online quit smoking forums and communities (you’ll find many of them with Google).

In addition, avoid loneliness, as it’s one of the most powerful urge triggers. Always hang out with others so that they’ll keep watch on you and ensure you don’t relapse.

6. Eat right

Are you on a weight loss diet? You’ll have to suspend it now. Trying to quit smoking while you’re a weight loss diet will be just too unfair to your system. Your body will fight back. Fiercely.

So, eat well to avoid hunger. Remember, hunger is another factor that triggers the urge to light a cigarette.

Eat lots of fruits and vegetables, and take low-fat dairy. Aside helping you to maintain a healthy weight, these foods make cigarettes taste terrible – according to a Duke University research.

7. Exercise regularly

Regular exercise helps to eliminate stress, another notorious urge trigger. Avoid rigorous activities but engage in mild exercise. After exercise, take a shower and rest.

In addition, always be active. Even when you’re not exercising, engage in some activity. Avoid being idle or remaining on a spot for a long time.

If remain on a fixed spot for long, you’ll have various thoughts crossing your mind – including the thought of lighting a cigarette! So, if you’re not sleeping, just be active and keep moving.

8. Avoid alcohol and caffeine

Alcohol and caffeine increase your brain’s craving for nicotine. So, you must abstain from them while trying to quit smoking, to avoid relapsing.

Whenever you feel like taking alcohol (such as after a meal or after a strenuous day), don’t give in. Rather distract your brain with something else – such as chewing gum, brushing your teeth, or taking candy.

9. Don’t ever succumb (use delay tactics)

Often, you’ll be tempted to “take just one cigarette, and you’d be fine”. Yes, your tricky mind will try to play a fast one on you. Don’t ever succumb. Always remind yourself of your resolve never to smoke again – not even a puff.

If you give in, thinking a single puff won’t hurt, you’ll end up relapsing. And soon, you’re back to chain smoking.

Use delay tactics whenever you have an urge. Relax. Take 10 deep breaths. Drink water. Eat a snack. Chew gum. Go for exercise. Hang out with others. Call a friend on phone and start chatting. Just do anything helpful until the urge goes away. Do these anytime an urge comes, and you’ll always be the winner.

10. Never give up

After giving up smoking for some time, you may relapse. Yes, it happens. It may even happen to you more than once.

Whenever you relapse, try to figure out the reason, and reapply the tips shared in this post. If you remain persistent, you’ll quit eventually.

After a relapse, don’t wait for weeks or months before you attempt quitting again. Start again immediately. You’ll triumph!

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Now, action!

Now that you’ve discovered these great tips, I’ll advise you to take action immediately, and you’ll be on your way to quitting smoking forever. Once again, make a strong resolve to quit and take action now.

I look forward to sharing your “how I quit smoking” story on this blog – to encourage many others who are also trying to quit. I wish you the very best.

Do you think I’ve left out some points? Or do you think some tips aren’t just working for you? Share your thoughts by leaving a comment.

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